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The Hong Kong Institute of Construction

Declaration: Workers Should Stay Alert to Bogus Payment of Tuition Fee

27 May 2024


The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) recently received deception assistance requests from workers who have fallen prey to a scam. The workers, while searching for job, were deceived by individuals who claimed that they must admit in specific safety courses in order to be employed. The scammers provided QR codes for the workers to make fee payments at convenience stores. Subsequently, the scammers contacted the workers again, claiming that they did not receive the payment and provided another QR code for the workers to make the payment. Until the workers contacted HKIC direct to enquire about the course then they realised they had been deceived.  As a result, the workers not only lost their money but also failed to enroll in the courses, leading them to seek help from the police.


The HKIC strongly condemns such acts and reminds all workers and individuals aspiring to work in the construction industry to remain vigilant. Anyone wishes to enroll in courses offered by the HKIC, they should visit the HKIC’s website ( and understand more about the course details and registration arrangement.  They should also verify the payee is "Construction Industry Council" or "Hong Kong Institute of Construction" before making any payment to avoid falling victim to scam. If anyone suspect that they have been deceived, they should immediately report the incident to the Police.