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We strive to provide students with diversified services and developmental activities to boost their confidence, help them develop positive values and attitudes and equip them well so that they can embrace the opportunities and challenges in their further studies and career development.
Student Development
Through consolidating diversified developmental activities and programmes, we aim at boosting students’ confidence and helping them develop the requisite attitudes and values so that they can embrace the challenges and opportunities in their further studies, career development and life in general.
Learning Resources Centre
The Learning Resources Centre has a wide range of collections, e-learning resources and multimedia self-study materials, providing students a space that supports self-study and helps them develop a habit of reading.
Student Career Support Services
While studying at HKIC, students will be able to join seminars or sharing sessions from time to time to hear from employers and alumni invited by HKIC. These seminars or sharing sessions help students better understand the industry and its development and prepare themselves for entering the industry. Career talks for students who are about to graduate inform them of the latest employment situation of the industry and teach them skills useful for job interviews. Students are also taught how to use job-seeking platforms to choose their ideal jobs. Employers are invited to speak at these career talks and to meet the students, helping them find employment.

Students who require further assistance on finding employment can approach the department of Career Support Services to discuss their job search needs and improve their job-seeking skills.

Students can join the alumni association after graduation. The Students Alumni Association allows graduates to share ideas among themselves and embrace the philosophy of passing on knowledge, motivating more students to join the construction industry.
Students Site Practices Scheme
The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) has launched a Site Practice Scheme for students since May 2003. Through the Scheme, students are required to familiarize themselves with the working environment in construction sites, and to acquire the general site operation know-hows and interpersonal skills, with the aim of enhancing their adaptability in the industry upon graduation from HKIC. Main contractors and subcontractors may, through participating in this Scheme, support the industry by contributing towards the training of local youngsters for the construction trades. They can also source suitable candidates to employ upon completion of their traineeship.