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About application
Submit your application through the online application system available on the Hong Kong Institute of Construction(HKIC) website at; Return the application form to any of the HKIC campus (Kowloon Bay/Kwai Chung/Sheung Shui) or the Hong Kong Construction Industry Trade Testing Centre; Fax it to +852 2100 9139; or Mail it to The Construction Industry Council, 38/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Applicants will normally receive a response within approximately one to seven working days.
No. If the applicant submits the application form repeatedly, the Institue will automatically cancel the previous form submitted by the applicant and only process the last submitted form without prior notice.

Yes, but subject to the following conditions.

  • No further applications will be accepted by the HKIC within one year from the applicant's date of graduation.
  • Applicants must submit proof of employment in the construction industry for the requisite period of time when re-enrolling in the HKIC's courses.

   The calculation of period of employment is the proof of employment in the construction industry for at least one month within one year from the date of graduation.

   If the applicant has graduated for more than two years, he/she must submit proof of employment in the construction industry for at least two months.

   And so on. For applicants who have graduated for less than one year, the lower requirement will apply.

   (e.g. if the applicant was graduated in December 2017, he/she must provide three months' proof of employment in the industry when submitting the application in January 2021); and

  • Re-application to the same course will not be accepted.

About the interview
One-year and two-year full-time programmes are open for application between January and August each year, and interviews will be arranged for eligible applicants.

If applicants are eligible, submit all documents and pass the interview, they will be issued with an "Direct Offer Letter";
If additional documentation is required, a "Conditional Offer Letter" will be issued;
In individual cases, if additional assessment is required, a "Notice of Completion of Admission Interview" will be issued and the result will be notified.

The following are some of the more common reasons for rejection of an application for admission:

  • enrolled in a full-time course within the past year (counting from the date of completion) but withdrew from the course, or failed the intermediate trade test and not retaking it after completing the course;
  • was dismissed from the HKIC during the training period: No re-application will be accepted within two years from the date of dismissal;
  • completed a full-time course at the HKIC within the past one year from the date of completion; or
  • the applicant is unwilling to return the allowance received for enrolling in a joint course with the Vocational Training Council (VTC); or
  • failed an interview or other tests.

Full-time programmes of certificate in construction, diploma in construction and advanced diploma

The one-year and two-year full-time programmes provide students with a "through-train" pathway to vocational and professional development in the construction industry. Graduates of the one-year full-time Certificate in Construction (QF Level 2) and Diploma in Construction (QF Level 3) programmes can progress to the part-time Professional Diploma in Construction Specialised Trade (QF Level 4) and the" Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes" (ATP) for articulation to a top-up degree programme offered by a partner university or tertiary institution to develop their academic qualifications and skills simultaneously. Graduates of the two-year full-time Advanced Diploma who have completed the programme with QF Level 4 qualifications can progress directly to a top-up degree programme at a university or tertiary institution with which the HKIC has an agreement, and progress towards a career as an engineering management or professional. The three programmes combine academic theory and vocational skills, and cover innovative technologies in the construction industry, whole-person development (60 hours of sports training and 30 hours of volunteer service) and foundation skills subjects (Chinese, English, Mathematics and IT applications) to enhance students' knowledge in communication skills, work ethics, safety practices and technology applications.

For more information on the features and content of the Advanced diploma, Diploma & Certificate, please visit:

The medium of instruction is Chinese (Cantonese) and the lecture notes are mainly in Chinese.

The one-year and two-year full-time programmes commence in September each year. The main venue for the Certificate in Construction and Diploma in Construction is the Sheung Shui Campus and the main venue for the Advanced Diploma is the Kowloon Bay Campus; students will have the opportunity to attend courses at different campuses or training grounds during the training period. Diploma in Construction (Bar Bending and Fixing) and Diploma in Construction (Formwork) will be conducted at outdoor training grounds.

Monday to Friday: 8:20am to 5:00pm

Tuition is free and training allowance is provided.
Certificate in Construction and Diploma in Construction: maximum monthly allowance of HK$4,800 based on attendance; Advanced Diploma: maximum monthly allowance of HK$3,600 based on attendance.
Special allowances are also available during the period of Site Practice Training; employer subsidy schemes are available for some courses.

The HKIC has a "Career Support Services", which liaises with employers in the industry to identify job vacancies and help graduates to enter the construction industry. The employment rate of graduates exceeds 90%.

The average starting salary for graduates of one-year and two-year full-time programmes is approximately HK$16,000 per month (based on graduate employment data as at September 2022), and up to HK$24,500 per month in the first year for individual trades under the "Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes".

The actual salary level is determined by both the employer and the employee, and the initial salary level of students depends on the type of work and their skill level. 

The minimum age for admission is 15 (as at the class starts in September) to meet the requirements of the "Apprenticeship Ordinance" for employment as an apprentice of construction site contractor.

In addition to the basic entry requirements, there is a physical fitness test for Diploma in Construction  (Bar Bending and Fixing), a colour vision deficiency test for  Diploma in Construction (Electrical Installation) and Certificate in Construction  (Electrical Installation), and a colour vision test for  Diploma in Construction (Painting and Decoration) and  Certificate in Construction (Painting and Decoration), which applicants are required to take and pass.

One-year or two-year full-time programmes are conducted in Cantonese. Applicants must be able to write in Chinese and understand Cantonese. For applicants who wish to enrol in courses conducted in English, please refer to the "Short Course - Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (For unemployed & people who wish to change their career, Medium of Instruction - English)" available at