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Hong Kong Institute of Construction maintains close partnership with organisations recognised in the industry in an effort to help students to progress on the dual tracks of continuing education and career.
Collaborative Training Schemes
To meet the industry’s demand for intermediate tradesmen and tradesmen, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction collaborates with main contractors, employers, trade unions and training bodies to provide various Collaborative Training Schemes. Training is conducted in the form of instruction in classrooms and workshops, or skill demonstration on construction sites, or even both, subject to the requirements of the Training Schemes and the needs of the course.
Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes
Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) is committed to pursue the sustainability of technical manpower for the construction industry, and launched the Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes in 2019. The programmes foster young students of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction to become knowledge-based skilled technical personnels through a comprehensive solution integrating on-the-job training, trade skills enhancement and assessment, and soft skills, safety training as well as technology and innovation education.

On-the-job Skill Consolidation Subsidy Scheme

Other Schemes
STEAM Alliance
The STEAM Alliance of Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) organises various collaborative activities, especially those related to the integration and development of STEAM and the construction industry, for secondary schools. Currently, the HKIC STEAM Alliance consists of 79 schools which share the aim of promoting STEAM education.
Employment of HKIC Graduates
HKIC provides job referral services to all graduates who have successfully completed the Full-time One-year, Two-year and Short Courses. During the initial period of employment, the Career Support Services of HKIC will continue to offer after-placement services to graduates for their adaptation to the construction industry.