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To promote moral and civic education, HKIC had regularly organised Moral and Civic Education Week, themed seminars, and lunchtime activities. These activities covered various themes to help students develop ten core values, including "Perseverance", "Respect for Others", "Responsibility", "National Identity", "Commitment", "Integrity", "Benevolence", "Law-abidingness", "Empathy", and "Diligence", cultivating them into good citizens who contribute to society. 

Whole Person Development Module

Our module aims at developing students’ problem-solving abilities, communication skills and learning skills through a diverse variety of learning activities. Students can better plan their careers based on their strengths and weaknesses identifiable with the self-reflection ability acquired from the module.

Thematic Seminars and Activities

To enrich students' learning experiences, HKIC has regularly arranged whole person development talks. Outstanding CIC fellows, craftsmen, and industry leaders are invited to share their life and career development experiences with students, inspiring them to prepare for future success in their personal and career development.

In addition, HKIC has regularly organised workshops and book fairs at all campuses on the themes of "vision, mission, and motto", spirit of craftsman, Chinese traditional culture, positive education, and environmental protection, aiming to foster communication among students and add vibrancy to their campus life.

National Identity

To strengthen students’ national identity and the sense of belonging towards our country, HKIC established the HKIC Flag-raising Team in 2020. Students of full-time year-long programmes were encouraged to join the team with the provision of training on the flag-raising and foot drill. They served as flag-raisers and flag-bearers in flag-raising ceremonies organised by the CIC and HKIC and thereby students were able to develop a sense of national pride and demonstrate their patriotism.

To respond to “National Security Education Day”, HKIC had organised relevant seminars and book exhibitions since 2021 to introduce students to the meaning and key areas of national security, as well as the government’s specific strategies and measures for safeguarding these areas. Additionally, HKIC collaborated with the Hong Kong Army Cadets Association to regularly arrange seminars on “The National Flag, Regional emblem and National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China” for full-time students to deepen their understanding of these symbols.

Student Leadership Training Programme

HKIC has developed the Student Leadership Training Programme to cultivate student representatives into exemplary leaders through leadership training day camp and activities. This programme aims to make them role models for their classmates in campus life, fostering their civic qualities through peer learning.

Adventure Training

The adventure training is intended to help students establish their personal and career goals and increase their self-awareness.