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Hong Kong  Institute of Construction (HKIC) signed a Memorandum of Intent (MOI)  with Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) on 6 December 2021 to  foster the academic exchange between the two institutions. The two  parties will examine the feasibility of jointly developing a part-time  Bachelor Degree programme.

The MOI was signed by HKIC Director Ir  Dr Francis Wong Kwan-wah and HKMU Provost Prof. Reggie Kwan Ching-ping,  witnessed by Chairman of Construction Industry Council (CIC) Mr Chan  Ka-kui and HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing.

In Mr Chan's speech, he mentioned during  his re-appointment of Chairman of the CIC in 2016, he was determined to  reform the training of workers, optimise the curriculum, and establish  the Hong Kong Institute of Construction to integrate with the  qualifications framework and Hong Kong's education system. "HKIC and  HKMU share the same teaching philosophy, the first cohort graduates of  HKIC revamped Advanced Diploma Programmes are provided with an  opportunity to progress to the Bachelor Degree Programme of HKMU in  September 2024. Also, the first cohort graduates of Professional Diploma  in Construction for Specialist Trades programme are offered a route to  enrol on a part-time HKMU Degree programme in September 2025. I believe  our collaborations could facilitate ambitious construction workers with  lower academic qualifications to continue learning and further  contribute to the community as an architect."

In his remarks, Prof. Lam said, “HKMU is  devoted to promoting the development and optimisation of the building  and construction industry. The University has been offering the  Bachelor’s degree programmes in Civil and Environmental Engineering as  well as Building Services Engineering and Sustainable Development to  help nurture the industry talents. Two brand new laboratories for civil  and engineering and building services will also be opened within this  month and early next year. As a self-finance university, we have  demonstrated our determination in contributing to Hong Kong’s  engineering industry. The diversified learning mode offered by HKMU,  combined with 45 years of training experience of Hong Kong Institute of  Construction, this collaboration will surely provide students with  flexible and independent learning models, and help them develop a  prosperous career.”

It is the first time that HKMU and HKIC  mutually agree to co-organise part-time degree programmes, and both  parties will explore the feasibility of articulating HKIC’s Advanced  Diploma graduates to the Bachelor Degree programmes offered by the  School of Sciences and Technology of HKMU. The two institutions will  also consider to jointly develop a part-time Degree programme for  graduates of HKIC’s Professional Diploma in Construction for Specialist  Trades, and further opportunities of bilateral collaboration in  experience and knowledge sharing will be explored.

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