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Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) has organised a Sharing Session on Craftsmanship on 15 December 2023. Mr. Simen CHEN, Chief Maintenance Technician of China Nuclear Power Operations Co., Ltd. (CNOC) and “Craftsman of the Nation 2022”, was invited as the guest speaker to share his successful stories of working at CNOC and his journey of becoming an innovator.
Mrs. LO LEE Oi-lin, Chairperson of Hong Kong Institute of Construction Management Board, delivered a welcome speech to the participants. Mrs. LO emphasised the industry participants strived for promoting innovations and expected the participants learn from Mr. CHEN, to adopt innovative thinking and skills and nurture more talents.
With the theme of “Innovation and Craftmanship”, Mr. CHEN shared his experience in CNOC and the journey in becoming a “Craftsman of the Nation”. During the sharing session, Mr. CHEN showed his inventions and mentioned people should equip themselves with knowledge in different aspects and transform the knowledge into own’s theories and skills. In addition, he illustrated the concepts and elements of innovations in concepts, technologies and ideas to improve work efficiency and reduce the risk to personnel with the improvement of equipment reliability.
Mr. CHEN expressed “once you have chosen your dream, you should be courageous to face the difficulties and challenges encountered in the journey as the value of life lies in the process of pursuing dreams.”
Ir Thomas HO, Chairman of the Construction Industry Council appreciated Mr. CHEN allowing the participants to deliberate how to use and develop their strengths. Finally, he encouraged the participants to excel and dedicate themselves to leading the future.
Please click here to view the video of the sharing.
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