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Hong Kong Institute of Construction invited Mr. Rex WONG, CIC Council Member and CEO of Kum Shing Group, to share with students and staff on the importance of good corporate culture in construction safety on 26 Feb 2024.

As the third-generation leader of Kum Shing, Mr. Wong highlighted in his sharing that the company has been rooted in Hong Kong for over 60 years with solid reputation. The key to their success lies in their core corporate culture of upholding integrity, sincerity, and responsibility, and fulfilling its social responsibilities. He cited the "Eco Pylons" project as example where they successfully persuaded the client to transform a decommissioned electricity pylon into an eco-friendly tourist attraction, allowing the decommissioned pylon to benefit hikers. He emphasised the need for companies to exercise professional judgment in assisting customers while considering the sustainable development of society. Even in the face of intense market competition, safety and quality cannot be compromised, which would undermine the core values of the company. To enhance employees' sense of belonging and reduce turnover rate, Kum Shing is also committed to promoting work-life balance for its staff.

Dr. San LEE, General Manager – Talent Acquisition, also participate in the Talk, she encouraged students to participate in internship programmes to prepare for their career in the construction industry. Lastly, Mr. Wong firmly believes that the construction industry has made significant contributions to Hong Kong and that opportunities are abundant. Students should join our industry and courageously pursue their ambitions!

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