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The WorldSkills Competition is scheduled to take place in September. We will introduce the Hong Kong competitors from each discipline, allowing you to learn more about them and cheer for their success!

Our first featured competitor is Ivan CHAN, who specialises in Plumbing and Heating. Ivan admires the professionalism of plumbers, which led him to pursue a Diploma in Construction (Plumbing). He emerged victorious in the 2nd Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition, earning the qualification to compete as a finalist in Plumbing and Heating after a rigorous series of training and assessments.

Recently, Ivan completed the Friendly Matches organised by WorldSkills Korea. He is now gearing up for the 2024 Global Skills Challenge hosted by WorldSkills Australia, where he will undergo intensive training on the mainland. These experiences will allow Ivan to compete, exchange skills, and expand his expertise alongside fellow competitors, ultimately enhancing his proficiency in perfecting his work. Ivan aims to enjoy the competition and showcase his skills, with the goal of winning the gold medal in the WorldSkills Competition! 

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