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Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) has invited Mr. WU Yijun and Mr. ZHONG Guoxiong from Guangdong No.1 Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd. to share the inheritance, integration, construction and development of Lingnan Architecture in Guangzhou Area with HKIC staff and students at Sheung Shui campus on 26 April 2024.

Mr. ZHONG introduced the origin and development history of Lingnan architecture. Lingnan architecture adopts a modern design approach and incorporates the elements of solar shading, thermal insulating rooftop and arched entrances to promote ventilation, to combat the humid and hot climate. Lingnan architecture was widely used in gardens, temples and museums, like the indoor atrium of Chinese Redwood Culture Expo Center, which was designed with reference to Lingnan architectural styles in Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

While Mr. WU shared Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza adopted aesthetic curves and innovative designs to show its corporate culture and Lingnan characteristics, emphasising the beauty of construction technology and sustainability. The plaza also incorporates designs that promote natural ventilation and lighting, as well as an intelligent management system to create a comfortable space for all. 

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