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Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) is honored to have Ms. Eliza WONG Yeuk-lan, Deputy Director, Projects (H.K. & S.E. Asia) of Swire Properties Limited and a member of the CIC’s Audit Committee, to share her life and career development experiences with students and staff in a relaxed and interactive setting on 29 April 2024.

In her sharing, Ms. Wong emphasised 5 key elements for success: Ability, Attitude, Agility, Acumen, and Advancement. She particularly highlighted the importance of having a positive work attitude and encouraged students to cherish every job and learning opportunity, as the knowledge and experience accumulated will be valuable in the future. She also pointed out the increasing application of technology in the construction industry and encouraged students to seize the opportunity to learn about BIM and other construction technologies, as well as to plan their personal goals for the next decade to prepare for the future.

Furthermore, Ms. Wong shared valuable management experiences and stressed the benefits of team diversity, which allows employees from different backgrounds to complement each other's strengths and support one another. Lastly, as a female leader, she encouraged female students to leverage their communication skills to excel in the construction industry.

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