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The WorldSkills Competition will take place in Lyon, France in September. Let’s get to know more about our competitors in the Concrete Construction Work category, Hei CHAN and Lam TSANG. They graduated from Diploma in Construction (Bar Bending & Fixing) offered by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction. They earned the qualification to compete as the finalists in Concrete Construction Work after a stringent assessments and selection process.

Participating in the WorldSkills Competition is a new experience for Hei and Lam. With the background in steel fixing, they also need to learn aluminium formwork and other types of formworks. Concrete Construction Work is a team competition, which emphasises the teamwork of the 2 competitors. Hei is responsible for mathematical calculations and manual work requiring physical strength, while Lam handles techniques applications and ensures accuracy. Their collaboration helps them overcome challenges and build a perfect piece.

They are currently undergoing intensive training in Guangzhou. Through this training, Lam aims to stay focused and overcome distractions while Hei strives to enhance his speed in assembling formwork and complete the tasks within the time limit. Let us send our best wishes for them to win the gold medal in the WorldSkills Competition!

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