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WorldSKills Competitor of Joinery Devoting Himself to Woodworking Image

The WorldSkills Competition will take place in Lyon, France in September. Let us introduce FONG Chun-yin (Chun-yin), the competitor in Joinery this time. Chun-yin graduated from Diploma in Construction (Joinery) offered by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction. He won the Championship in the 2nd Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition, earning the qualification to compete as a finalist in Joinery after training and assessment.

Chun-yin is very fond of Joinery. Apart from getting to work with different types of wood, he also gets a great sense of satisfaction from designing and completing various wood products. He once misread the drawing during the training and felt disappointed in himself as he had to rebuild the product. Despite the difficulties and frustrations, he perseveres in moving forward with his passion and learns to pay attention to the details in the subsequent training.

Chun-yin has completed the exchange competition in Taiwan and ranked in third place among 6 competitors. The competition has improved his confidence and developed better competition strategies. He will be going to an exchange competition and intensive training at Guangzhou with fellow competitors, aiming to upskill his abilities and learn better emotional management to perform the best in the WorldSkills Competition. Chun-yin endeavors to be the top three in the competition! Let’s stand by him together! 

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