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Yin CHOW, the competitor in Welding will represent Hong Kong in the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, France in September. Encouraged by his company, Yin participated in the 2nd Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition and won the 2nd runner-up in Welding. He earned the qualification to compete as the finalist in welding after stringent training and assessment.

Yin realises mastering welding skills requires time, but he enjoys welding so much during the challenges and enjoyment that come with it. He also mentioned patience and steady hands are important to handle long welding hours and ensure high-quality products.

Yin has recently completed the exchange competition with fellow competitors in Shandong. He admired the dedication and concentration of the other competitors. The experts and competitors stayed in the workshop to discuss and practise until night, sharing tips for enhancing their welding skills.

Yin is currently undergoing intensive training and expects to enhance his stability and proficiency in welding to produce a perfect weldment, striving to unleash his full potential to win at least a Medallion for Excellence in the WorldSkills Competition! Let’s cheer for him!

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