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Pasta is a household food ingredient, but we can also use them to build up a building or bridge. Through the event, students can learn about creative, teamwork and STEM knowledge.
  • Learning the basics of building physics - engineering, architecture, mechanics, etc.;
  • Using simple materials to enhance student interest in STEM and practice;
  • Through the competition, students are encouraged to pursue higher and more stable structural designs. Students can enhance ability of spatial imagination and structural design;
  • Learning teamwork and ability to tackle problem.
Related Subjects:
ScienceUnderstanding the stability of different structures and analyzing the characteristics of force
Technology Learning the related knowledge of mechanics of structures and learn about the reinforcement methods
EngineeringTo build different structures to stimulate students to pursue higher and more stable structural design
MathematicsCalculate the leverage
Application Deadline29 March 2018 (Thursday)
Event Date28 April 2018
VenueConstruction Industry Council - Zero Carbon Buildin
TargetSecondary School Students
  • Team competition, each team consists of 2-4 students. There is no limit to the number of teams that can be dispatched per school;
  • Those team should build up a tower with pasta and marshmallow in the allotted time (30 minutes);
  • The contestants should use the materials provided by the Organiser;
  • The contestants can cut the pastas or marshmallow to use;
  • The finished tower should be higher than 60cm to entry the final;
  • The finished tower cannot collapse within 20 minutes after the allotted time.
Assessment Criteria:
  • The judges will review all entries by accessing the structure, material control, design and the height of the tower
StructureStructural stability and innovation of the reinforcement method25%
Material ControlUsing lesser materials25%
DesignGood appearance20%
HeightTotal height of the work30%
  • The judges will also review all entries by the design and the height of the tower to select the prize of “Most Creative Tower” and “Highest Tower”.
Champion (One)Book Coupon value of HK$1,000 Sky100 Ticket and Certificate
The First Runner-up (One)Book Coupon value of HK$800 and Certificate
The Second Runner-up (One)Book Coupon value of HK$500 and Certificate
Most Creative Tower (One)Book Coupon value of HK$300 and Certificate
Highest Tower (One)Book Coupon value of HK$300 and Certificate
Training and Competition Support:
  • We encourage schools and students to join the STEM Workshops which will be held at 3 and 17 March to learn more about construction structure and design. All workshops are free and first come first serve basis. Download (Chinese version only) for more details and apply.
  • Please fill in the Application Form (Chinese version only) and reply by email or fax to HKIC STEM Alliance Office on or before 29 March 2018
  • All rights of entries reserved by the CIC and HKIC;
  • The Organisers reserve the right to amend, extend and interpret the competition guideline and rules without prior notice;
  • The Organisers reserve the right of final decision regarding the judgment method and winning entries.
If you have any enquiry about the Event, please contact Mr. LEE of the HKIC STEM Alliance Office through following contact:

Fax: 2100 9139
Tel: 2100 9129
The CIC and HKIC may at its absolute discretion without notice at any time and under any circumstances withdraw or modify the provisions of any goods or services. Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) is a branch of the Construction Industry Council (CIC)
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