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HKIC organised a Sharing Session on Craftsmanship on 20 November 2023. Mr. Liang Zhibin and Mr. Chen Zifeng, teachers from GuangZhou City Construction College and the Gold Medallists of the 44th and 45th WorldSkills Competition in Bricklaying respectively, were invited as the guest speakers to share their journeys of becoming a craftsman with the diploma and certificate programmes of HKIC students.

Mr. Chan mentioned that learning a trade was essential after experiencing a 2-year working life, and he treasured every opportunity to learn. He also said that both theories and skills were important, and one must continue to advance the knowledge and approaches.

Mr. Leung shared that one could break through the limitations, transcend oneself and build up a set of skills of one's own through continuous practice. He would like to conduct more restoration work on cultural relics in the future, as well as to promote the skills to allow more people to value the development of vocational skills.

In addition, the two Gold Medallists shared their experiences during the preparation and competition of the WorldSkills Competition, the changes brought by the competition and the ways to reduce stress. They believed when you were able to be ready all the time, you could maintain a positive mindset.

Finally, the two Gold Medallists encouraged the students to gain new insights by immersing themselves in new skills and participating in diverse exchanges and competitions. The participants benefited a lot from the Sharing Sesson. They could understand the ideas of craftsmanship and to equip themselves to move towards their goals.

After the Sharing Session, the two Gold Medallists and Ms. Zhao Guohong and Mr. Ye Xiaobo, representatives of GuangZhou City Construction College, visited the Sheung Shui Campus and exchanged the precious opinions with the representatives and instructors of HKIC. 

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