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Hong Kong Institute of Construction invited Ir CHAN Chi-chiu, Director of Drainage Services, former Chairperson of the CIC’s Committee on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme, and former President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, to serve as the guest speaker for a sharing session on 3 May 2024 to share his journey to success, inspiring students to prepare themselves for a future in the construction industry.

In his sharing, Mr. Chan highlighted three key elements of success: competence, collaboration, and character. It is essential for students not only to master their field’s knowledge and skills but also to explore other areas to equip themselves, like management expertise. Continuous learning about new technologies and seizing opportunities beyond their comfort zone is crucial today. Teamwork often outweighs individual abilities. To enhance emotional intelligence, students should expand their network, and build strong interpersonal relationships. They should maintain a positive work attitude and enthusiasm to excel in their work.

Lastly, Mr. Chan shared that success has many definitions so there is no need to compare oneself with others. Roads are not always smooth and wide, especially when chasing dreams. He encouraged students to face setbacks with optimism and believe that success awaits for them.

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