CIC Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers

CIC Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers (For Registered Construction Workers)

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) launched the Construction Industry Council Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers through its Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC), to assist the underemployed or temporarily unemployed registered construction workers in acquiring new skills to enhance their competitiveness to prepare for further development in the industry. Through the trainings under the Scheme, existing intermediate and senior tradesmen can acquire new skills which allows them to change to a trade with more opportunities or in higher demand due to labour shortage, while the registered general workers could be advanced to semi-skilled workers after completion of the course and passing the intermediate trade test, paving their way for career advancement to senior tradesmen. The eligible registered construction workers who enrol in a suitable full-time course under the Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme within the Scheme period will receive a special allowance of HK$3,000 per month in addition to the monthly basic allowance.

Applicable Programmes

Medium of Instruction

Training Allowance under Construction Industry Council Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers

  • A maximum allowance of HK$13,200* per month. (The allowance includes basic allowance of maximum HK$7,650 per month, special allowance of HK$3,000 per month and a one-off graduation allowance.)
  • The basic allowance and special allowance will be issued on a monthly basis.
  • One-off graduation allowance will be provided for those who passed the Intermediate Trade Test or assessment before the end of the course and with attendance rate of 95% or above.
  • Graduation allowance will not be provided if students passed the Intermediate Trade Test or assessment after the course is completed

(Actual allowance amount is to be determined by HKIC, pending eligibility and other governing regulations.)

*Terms and conditions apply. Admission requirements must be fulfilled.


  • Applicants must be Registered Construction Workers for at least 3 years before 18 January 2021 and hold the valid Construction Worker Registration Card* as at the course commencement date of the selected course.
  • Applicants must declare their employment status (i.e. unemployed or underemployed) when they apply and enrol in the courses.
  • Applicants should not apply for a training course which he or she has already obtained a trade test certificate in that trade (including intermediate tradesmen and senior tradesmen).
  • Applicants must be aged 18 years or above, Hong Kong legal residents who are permitted to stay and work in Hong Kong.
  • The English-speaking courses are designed for ethnic minorities. For those who apply for the courses conducted in Cantonese, applicants should be able to write and read Chinese, and communicate in Cantonese.
  • In addition, courses may have course-specific admission requirements.

*Registered General Worker, Registered Semi-Skilled Worker and Registered Skilled Worker under the “Construction Workers Registration Ordinance”.

Notes for Application

  • Please read the "Eligibility" section.
  • During the operation of this Scheme (i.e. 18 January 2021 – 17 January 2022), applicants must not enrol in any other courses offered by CIC or HKIC that provide training allowance. Applicants are also bounded by re-admission requirement of full-time courses and programmes.
  • Each applicant is allowed to apply for this Scheme once only. If an admitted applicant consecutively decline to attend the assigned class twice, his or her application will be cancelled.
  • Applications for Construction Industry Council Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers must be submitted at the time of course application.
  • The quota for this Scheme is limited which is against the number of enrolment. The Scheme runs on a “first-come-first-served” basis until the quota is reached. The commencement date of enrolled course shall be within the period between 18 January 2021 and 17 January 2022. As the courses may have a long waiting time, the applicant may request HKIC staff to arrange enrolment in another course of  Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme in which the waiting time is comparatively shorter. Admission beyond the scheme period will not be accepted and will not be entitled to the special bonus.
  • With effect from 1 January 2021, no training allowance will be provided to students of all full-time short courses during class suspension caused by Novel Coronavirus, other epidemic outbreaks or any incident which causes a serious impact on the livelihood of the community.
  • Applicants should complete the specified application form of this Scheme and attend the recruitment interview. He or she must provide an identity document for legal Hong Kong residency, a valid Construction Worker Registration Card, as well as the intermediate trade test certificate or trade test certificate at the recruitment interview to support the application.
  • Applicants are required to provide proof of academic qualifications and/or work experience records according to the admission requirements of an individual course.
  • If the class is full or under-enrolled, the HKIC reserves the right to arrange the admitted applicant to a later schedule or defer the class schedule. The decision of HKIC is final. Nevertheless, the admitted applicant is allowed to apply for another full-time short course under the Scheme.
  • Please refer to the “Notes to Applicants” provided during the recruitment interview.
  • Applicants of some specified courses are required to pass the colour blind / physical fitness test to ensure they have the appropriate abilities to complete the course.
  • Generally, the HKIC will not accept full-time course application from graduates of full-time courses within one year after graduation.
  • The HKIC may accept or reject any application at its absolute, sole discretion and is not obliged to provide any reason(s) for accepting or rejecting an application.
  • The HKIC may, at its absolute discretion, without notice at any time, and under any circumstances, withdraw or modify the previsions of any goods or services.

Admission Criteria

  • The HKIC will conduct assessment according to the information provided in the application form by the applicant. Listed below are the factors and criteria for consideration in the assessment process:
    • Basic and priority admission conditions;
    • Comparison among applicants for the same courses;
    • Performance during the interview or test result for certain courses

How to Apply?

To apply full-time short courses under “Construction Industry Council Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers”:

  • Apply online, or
  • Complete the application form and submit
    • By post to Construction Industry Council, 38/F, COS Centre, 56, Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, or
    • By hand to any HKIC Campus or Hong Kong Construction Industry Trade Testing Centre, or
    • By fax to 2100 9139

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement within 1–7 working days. The HKIC will arrange recruitment interviews to eligible applicants.


Tel: 2100 9000 / 2100 9723
Fax: 2100 9139

  • Leaflet of “Construction Industry Council Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers”
  • Notes to Applicants of “Construction Industry Council Relief Fund – Multi-skills Training Scheme for Registered Workers”
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