1. Construction Industry Training Authority (CITA) was established in accordance with the enactment of the Industrial Training (Construction Industry) Ordinance

  2. Emblem of Construction Industry Training Authority (CITA)

  3. Opening Ceremony of Construction Industry Training Centre


    Kowloon Bay Training Centre was launched to provide basic craft courses

  4. The 1st Graduation Ceremony of Construction Industry Training Authority (CITA) was held


    New Territories' District Commissioners visiting


    Membership of CITA 1978


    The number of graduates of all courses was 522

  5. Membership of CITA 1979


    Short Courses such as bar-bending & fixing, levelling & setting-out and construction plant operating were launched to address industry needs

  6. Mr. Chris Patten, paid a visit at the Campus


    Officiated at the foundation stone laying ceremony, the then Chief Secretary of Hong Kong - Sir Charles Philip Haddon-Cave


    The Technician Apprentice Course was founded in 1980

  7. The Kwai Chung Training Centre was completed adding basic crafts courses, technician apprentice courses and short courses


    The opening ceremony of Kwai Chung Training Centre was officiated by the then Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Edward Youde


    Membership of CITA 1982


    The number of graduates of all courses was 810

  8. The temporary training ground at Flat Hill Quarry, Kowloon Bay was leased for the provision of plant operation and other courses

  9. C.I.T.A Newsletter 1986

  10. C.I.T.A Newsletter 1987

  11. The Aberdeen Training Centre was completed adding basic crafts courses, Technician Apprentice Courses and short courses


    Launched new CITA logo


    The number of graduates of all courses was 1,825

  12. Implementation of trade test services and formulate technical standards for the industry


    Joined Solar Summer Fun Program with RTHK

  13. The temporary training ground at Ngau Chi Wan was leased to increase the output of construction plant operatives


    The operation of town office in Sheung Wan commenced to provide lecture rooms for part-time courses in management and safety


    CITA Graduation Ceremony of the Construction Management & Supervisor Training Programmes

  14. Courses related with Crane Operation Certification Test was added


    The number of graduates of all courses was 8,857


    Membership of CITA 1994

  15. The Sheung Shui Training Centre commenced operation


    The Management Training and Trade Testing Centre was converted from the previous Aberdeen Training Centre

  16. Mandatory Basic Safety Training Course (Construction Industry Safety Card Course) was founded


    Opening Ceremony of Management Training and Trade Testing Centre


    Held the First International Conference on Construction Training


    All practical training from September onwards has been conducted under ISO9000 working environment


    The number of graduates of all courses was 11,937

  17. Participated the WorldSkills Competition for the first time and our outstanding graduates were nominated to take part in the contests of “Painting and Decorating” & "Plumbing and Heating". The photo was taken from the flag-presentation ceremony.

  18. Wai Yip Street Training Ground and Shatin Training Ground were granted by the Government. The latter was a replacement site for the Ngau Chi wan Training Ground


    Annual training capacity of the full-time courses were increased to 6,263


    A total of 42,570 construction workers attended the enhanced Green Card Courses


    An Employers Subsidy Scheme was put on trial

  19. Membership of CITA 1999


    Over 160,000 workers were trained and issued the ‘Green Card”


    A number of course advisory committees were formed

  20. Supervisory staff training courses were newly offered to the sub-contractors of the bar-bending, plumbing, bamboo and plastering


    The number of graduates of all courses was 196,279

  21. The Sheung Yuet Road Training Ground and Wai Lok Street Training Ground were granted by the Government as replacement sites for the Flat Hill Training Ground


    To strengthen the content of full time training courses by adding elements in related trades and add in training in civil engineering


    Membership of CITA 2001

  22. The Graduation Ceremony of the CITA is presided over by the Member of the Legislative Council - Leung Chun Ying


    Launched multi-skills training scheme


    The number of graduates of all courses was 176,664


    Combined a number of related short courses

  23. Collaborated with Walt Disney Imagineering HK to bring in their specialists to train up our instructors in character façade rendering and rockwork


    Newly introduced the Housing Department- supported “Maintenance Is Service Training Course - Module for Contractor's Staff”


    Site practices were added to 2-year Basic Craft Courses


    Extended the training period of some Basic Crafts courses to two years, trainees of these courses were required to learn two related skills

  24. The number of graduates of all courses was 69,788


    Extend the training period of some Construction Supervisor/Technician Programme to two years; site practice was added

  25. CITA was appointed by the Construction Workers Registration Authority as the Registrar under the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance

  26. CITA Dinner Reception before Amalgamation


    The Construction Industry Council (CIC) was then established in 2007.

  27. CITA was incorporated into CIC in 2008 and continue its training and trade test functions under the name of "Construction Industry Council Training Academy" (CICTA)


    Launched Construction Industry Youth Training Scheme


    The Construction Industry Expo and Hong Kong Youth Skill Competition was held in Tin Shui Wai


    Introduced a number of new silver-card safety courses for specific trades and specified courses


    The number of graduates of all courses was 56,617

  28. Initiated a project of “bringing our training into the needed community” at the locations where the unemployment rate and cost of travelling to urban areas were higher


    New Tin Shui Wai Training Centre was established in 90 days


    New Apprenticeship Subsidy Scheme was put on trial to enhance the retention rate of our graduates in the industry


    10 new short courses and part-time courses were introduced


    Offered the first Building Information Modeling Basic Course


    Newly offered a wide scope of. Authorized Signatory 【Registered Contractor】Top-Up Courses

  29. Ground Breaking Ceremony of Tin Shui Wai Training Centre was officiated by Mrs Carrie Lam, the then Secretary for Development


    Launched the Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme


    Mrs Carrie Lam, the then Secretary for Development visited Tin Shui Wai Training Ground

  30. Launched the “Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme”


    "The Build Up Training Programme" jointly Launched by Development Bureau


    Developed 13 new training courses including heritage conservation and site safety courses for site supervisory personnel


    A CIC trainee won the Medallion of Excellence in the Wall and Floor Tiling Trade in the “41st WorldSkills Competition 2011” in London, UK

  31. Held Construction Industry Resource Centre cum Construction JobsNet Opening Ceremony in February


    A series of RTHK documentary episodes named “A Dream Comes True” were aired in primetime television slots


    Acquisition of five parcels of land from the Government as training grounds at Tai Po, Siu Lun Street, Tung Chau Street, Wong Lung Hang and Yuen Kong


    Offered a vocational Cantonese course for ethnic minority groups


    The number of graduates of all courses was 70,813. The number of graduates for Bar-bending Course and Formwork Course increased vividly from a few dozens per year to 500 some this year

  32. Launched the On-the-job Training Subsidy Scheme


    Set up a number of outdoor training grounds and took on the simulation techniques for mechanical operation


    Provided a training allowance to the first year E&M students of the Diploma in Vocational Education Programme (DVE) of the Vocational Training Council (VTC)


    Increased the skills training places for rehabilitated offenders

  33. Produced two new TV drama series, “Dreams Come True” in collaboration with the Development Bureau and RTHK


    Held the World Skills Hong Kong Competition cum Fun Day at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and attracted over 23,000 visitors


    Launched a “Build Your Life Mentorship Programme”


    Achieved the goal of the Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme in November, one month ahead of schedule


    The number of graduates of all courses was 80,581, including a record high of 5,100 full-time graduates

  34. A graduate was awarded Medallion for Excellence in the “43rd WorldSkills Competition” in São Paulo, Brazil


    Launched the Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ACMTS)


    Opened a new training ground in Kai Fook Road, Kowloon Bay


    Introduced skills enhancement courses for ethnic minority construction workers

  35. Embodied the concept of “Holistic Education” in our training, trainees were encouraged to take part in the new Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Programme


    Introduced the new trainees referral scheme


    Established Building Information Modelling (BIM) Innovation and Development Centre at Kowloon Bay Training Centre


    Launched in-house Skills Enhancement Courses under the “Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme – Pilot Scheme”


    Appointed an Accredited CPD Programme Provider by the Water Supplies Department

  36. Cooperate with the Hong Kong Construction Association, Young Members Society and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre to promote HKIC programmes by drama


    Organised diversified activities to strengthen the connection with secondary schools, e.g. Sharing sessions with principals, taster programmes etc.


    Organized Whole Person Development Lecture to share the experience of how to face and overcome difficulties and achieve life goals


    Launched new TVC & Print advertisements as well as an eye-catching course promotional van

  37. Establishment of HKIC


    Establishment of STEM Alliance


    Participated in Education Careers Expo 2018


    Organized Whole Person Development Lecture


    Programmes started to be recognised by Qualifications Framework

  38. Safety Experience Training Center was established at Kwai Chung Campus. The certre consists of eight simulation training areas to simulate real accident scenarios on construction sites


    Launched Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) related course


    Launched the CIC Approved Technical Talents Training Programme to provide systematic apprentice training

  39. Launched the School of Professional Development in Construction (SPDC)


    45th Anniversary of Construction Training in Hong Kong


    Published the first-ever historical publication on construction training in Hong Kong


    Launched the HKIC anthem to promote the vision & mission of HKIC, and to enhance the pride of students for being part of the construction industry

  40. Development Project of HKIC Kowloon Bay, Kwai Chung and Sheung Shui Campuses were completed and the Ceremony for Completion was held


    All Certificate in Construction and Diploma in Construction programmes were recognised under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework as Level 2 and Level 3 respectively


    Launched the brand new “Construction Pathway Project” API


    Signed Memorandum of Intent with HKMU to foster academic collaboration

  41. HKIC Advanced Diploma Programmes were recognised as Level 4 under the Qualification Framework, and the “Construction Pathway Project” (CPP) was fully launched


    First batch of graduates of the Diploma in Construction (Bar Bending & Fixing)


    Launched the part-time “Professional Diploma in Construction for Special Trades” Programme, provide articulation pathway for Diploma in Construction graduates


    Graduate of Diploma in Construction (Metal Works & Welding) LAM Man-chun was awarded the Medallion for Excellence in Welding at the "Worldskills Competition 2022"

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